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 Angarakshak Security Pvt. Ltd. is established with a view to provide security service to any organization or company that is being operated or going to be operated inside the valley country. leading security guard company offering trained security guard services throughout Nepal. Our security guards are trained to provide support in many different situations. GSS can provide uniformed or undercover security guards depending on client requirements. Typically uniformed security guards are deployed to provide a visible security presence for retail and commercial clients. This proposal is presented to all the interested persons, organizations, companies, industries and diplomatic agencies, private and government buildings, government offices, hotels, hospitals,cooperative,bank,industrial area,mass proggram, schools.local business area, and universities, business house etc. who are looking forward for the effective and authentic security services. The company provides smart, versatile, ex-servicemen guards with proven honesty. The security personel receive civil security training before deployment and regularly undergo thought refresher courses during their career with up-to-date security skills. The quality of service is monitored by patrol, supervisors and managing staff who carry out checks on security personnel and their assignment on 24 hour basis.